1. Log in and click "Table" to begin

  2. Choose how large the table will be; chair numbers begin at one point and go clockwise

  3. Select which players are actually playing each round (players can sit out for a few rounds)

  4. Select which chair is the user (Beware: switching to another chair will overwrite that chair; save it beforehand)

  5. Players that you expect to see again can be saved to the database by choosing a name and their chair #, then clicking "save"

  6. You can also update a saved player's stats by choosing their chair # and clicking "save"

  7. You can load a player's previous statistics by entering their name (case-sens), choosing a chair for them to join, and then clicking load

  8. A player can be deleted from the database, but must be loaded into a seat slot to do so

  9. Once the table is set, you may start the game (the table cannot be modified during a round)

  10. After selecting a dealer, simply tap the button corresponding to each person's action

  11. Clicking the statistics button will load several statistics for each player (Information Below)

  12. To change your password, sign in and click "Account"

Welcome! Set the Table and then Begin a Round